Are You PRO Fusion?

DD PRO Fusion is a hybrid approach

Many fusion reactors fit into one of two main categories. In Magnetic Confinement, a large amount of plasma, hotter than the sun, is held for long periods of time. Inertial confinement, on the other hand, compresses a small amount of fuel to unimaginable pressures, for an incredibly short time, causing a miniature fusion explosion

The reactor being built by DD PRO Fusion has the best of both worlds. The hot ions that explode from an inertial confinement event are captured and guided by static electro-magnetic fields to converge again. The violent implosions will happen at MHZ frequencies as the ions can't escape their self intersecting trajectories.

Only DD PRO combines Strong Confinement with Inertial Pressures

Weak Fields are a Huge Advantage

The most unintuitive aspect of DD PRO Fusion is the strength of the magnetic field. A weak 0.3T magnetic field from a commercial MRI machine is used. This magnetic field is combined with electric fields to form a giant penning trap. This approach takes advantage of the millions of dollars of R&D that have gone into producing these incredible machines.

Simple Physics, Astounding Result

DD PRO Fusion is about as simple as a fusion reactor can be. Static fields result in simple motion of each ion. It's only when the system is seen as a whole that the incredible combined motion results in something extraordinary.

Progress and Outreach

The equipment and tools we are using are not things people encounter in their every day lives. Videos of experiments in high magnetic fields present a unique opportunity bring attention to our fusion effort.

DD PRO Fusion is protected by US Patent #10354761.