Deuterium Deuterium Periodically Returning Orbit Fusion.

A simulation of how ions might move in a DD PRO Fusion reactor:

What makes the DD PRO Fusion reactor different?

Ions in our proposed reactor are compelled to return to a focus region again and again by a uniform magnetic field. Deuterium ions at this focus are targeted by a periodic electron beam that serves to both heat the Deuterium, and synchronize this motion. As you can see from the simulation above, this periodic motion is somewhat stable, and most collisions between ions should happen at the focus. Importantly, ions that collide at the focus without fusing are not lost, but should still be on a trajectory that will bring them back to the focus.

DD PRO Fusion has purchased several components of our prototype reactor, and we will begin construction this year!

We have recently been awarded Patent #10354761. Please let us know what you think!

For more information, please contact John Fenley: text 1(801)427-3532, or email